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Word Magic Professional Suite Premier 7.0

It provides all the translation products in a single streamlined package
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Word Magic Professional Suite Premier 5.2 is the latest version of this software series. This suite includes the best editions of each solution produced by the company. In fact, this Suite is the most expensive option from all available with the exception of the Medical Suite.

This package can save you money in comparison with buying all its components separately, so if you think you will need all those components, buying Suite Premier would be the best choice in economical terms.

"Translator Professional Plus" is the translation tool included in the package. This edition is the most expensive and complete edition of the whole Word Magic Translator family. It will help you to translate texts in English and Spanish, pronounce them in different accents, print out texts in both languages alternating them, dictate text so the Translator write it automatically, and in many other tasks.

"Dictionary & Tools Professional" is the general use dictionary included with Suite Premier. This dictionary includes thesauruses, antonyms, idioms, colloquial and regional tags, and a lot more. The bundle also includes a plug-in for Microsoft Office, compatible with up to MS Office 2007, which will allow you to use Dictionary & Tools right from within any Office application.

"Dictionary & Tools Point & Click" is basically the same of Dictionary & Tools Professional, the only difference is that it works as a resident application showing an icon in your system tray. So it will be available fast and easy at any time you need a bilingual dictionary.

"Complete Add-Ons Pack" brings to you a convenient mix of add-ons for you to use in combination with the different applications. Among those add-ons you will encounter Color Pictures, Surnames spell checker, Usage examples & Notes, Voice Recognition & Commands, among others.

Finally, the bundle includes three technical dictionaries which are: Law, Business & Finance, and Information Technology. Technical terms related to these knowledge fields will be available for you at any time.

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  • It allows users to save some money
  • It's a complete, professional "all-in-one" solution
  • It includes the best editions of each program


  • It's only for English and Spanish
  • It lacks of a general menu to administrate all applications included in the bundle
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